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air max 2016 bleu marine We have 5 MC members We h

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How to ensure elections without members standing for two offices
News: POSTING RULES FOR MAIN CZ BOARDS: (1) The CZ Forums are Citizens-only (a "Citizen" is a Citizendium member). Non-Citizens may use only the "Non-Citizen comments" board, but still must register before posting (it's easy!). Non-Citizen posts elsewhere will be summarily deleted. (2) All must use their own real names. To edit your displayed name,nike air max 90 pas cher, click on Profile > Account Related Settings. (3) Citizens must link to their CZ user pages. To edit your signature, click on Profile > Forum Profile Information.
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We have 5 MC members,nike air max 1 white, all of whom are Editors, and 4 EC members who are editors. All 9 of them, in elections for the two Councils,air nike 2015, are eligible to stand for election in either Council.
How do we ensure, however, that Ms. Jones, currently an EC member who stands for election in the MC and is elected, does not put the CZ into the same quandary it faced in the last elections: having a person who is eligible to serve in two posts and has to make a decision about which one to take?
My solution: any member of the MC and EC who is an Editor and wishes to stand for election in the other Council will have to officially resign from the present Council before running for election in the other. If failing to be elected,air max femme noir, that person would NOT regain her/his seat in the other Council -- it will have already been replaced.
Corrections to the following interpretation welcome:
You certainly cannot run if you are involved in administering the election,nike air max 98, and it is not possible to serve in two offices at the same time. These points are from the Charter, articles 25 and 29.
However, there is nothing to say a serving officer cannot stand for any other post. In fact, there nothing to stop them standing for another seat on the same Council! It just that they would not be able to take the seat should they have won without resigning from the other office. They could not be disqualified as ineligible, just blocked from holding two (or more!) seats anywhere.
Article 25 is worded such that it could be interpreted as stating that you don even need to be a Citizen or be of good standing to run. Section 2 of Article 25 specifies how a Citizen becomes a candidate by accepting a nomination,air max marron, but says nothing about how a non-Citizen or blocked user may respond to a nomination (or what happens if a blocked user makes a nomination). So non-Citizen Fred and blocked user Tony could both stand by simply saying, anywhere, that they accept their nominations. and they have to go on the ballot. The only defence to this is that such activities would be outside the or of the Charter.
By the way, consider also that is defined simply as a user in Article 1, and Article 38 refers to Citizens access being blocked by the Constabulary. So you are still a citizen even if blocked and thus could make and accept nominations. You don even need a bio, a long-standing account or a single edit on the wiki to run. This was left to the MC because, depending on the future environment, it is easier to change the definition by changing the council membership than by offering a referendum to the charter,air max femme noir et rose, though both methods still are available for the Citizenship to use, should they decide.
Article 2
Citizenship shall be open to anyone who fulfills the basic conditions for participation as defined by the Management Council-including registering according to the real names policy-and agrees to abide by this Charter.
I don understand, Matt.
Are you saying that in the next elections for the EC, whenever they happen to be, if I, a member of the EC, am one of those people whose seat will be up for election, will not be able to run for the seat because I am already a member of the EC?
Are you saying that I, and the other members of the EC who want to retain their memberships, will all have to RESIGN first before we can run again?
I can BELIEVE that what you MEAN, but that what you apparently SAYING.
Oh, no, that not what I mean. Sorry for the confusion, but that seemed like a given that an incumbent can run for the same seat considering the charter allows for terms to be renewable. However, and EC member wouldn be able to run for the MC, because the elections are 6 months apart, so they would have to be out of the EC for at least 6 months.

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