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Polyurea can withstand

PostNapisane: czwartek, 20 kwietnia 2017, 08:13
przez Qizhenbi
Polyurea can withstand most of the corrosive medium acid, alkali, salt, sea water, chloride ions such as long-term soaking. Process polyurea reactivity is high, fast curing speed, vertical surface, top and any surface can be continuous spray is not hanging.budget friendly outdoor flooring for under deck Polyurea elastomer without catalyst, to achieve the walking intensity, continuous spraying, an unlimited construction thickness, short construction period, high efficiency. Node details of the construction more convenient, do not need a dedicated fiber reinforced layer. Polyurea elastomers have strong adhesion to metal and nonmetallic substrates such as steel, aluminum, reinforced concrete, wood, glass fiber reinforced plastic, polyurethane foam and so on. outdoor deck railing designs
Polyurea elastomer on the strength of concrete Polyurea elastomer on the temperature and humidity sensitivity is small, the construction by the ambient temperature and humidity less affected, with special primer in the wet base construction. Concrete building protective material Comparison of water resistance: high polymer modified asphalt membrane, EPDM waterproofing membrane, self-adhesive waterproofing membrane, high density polyethylene sheet and EVA sheet due to more joints, Low force, easy to leak and channeling water, waterproof and low reliability, basically belong to the "raincoat" waterproof, only suitable for water surface waterproof.composite decking for trailers
The anti-cracking properties of the waterproof coating (i.e., the ability to prevent cracking of the concrete) depend on the tensile strength, coating thickness and bond strength of the material. High density polyethylene, polymer modified asphalt membrane bond strength is very low, so anti-cracking is poor; polymer modified asphalt waterproof coating, polyurethane waterproof coating tensile strength is not high, low bond strength2x4x20 pressure treated lumber