Simulation of high-density fiber molded door skin

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Simulation of high-density fiber molded door skin

Postprzez Qizhenbi » środa, 17 maja 2017, 17:20

<p>treatment, and then through the material, planing, milling and other processing. The production of doors and components of the material is not necessarily the same kind of wood. The price of solid wood door according to wood material, texture and other different. One of the high-grade wood with cherry wood, rosewood, teak, shabili. General high-grade solid wood doors in the process of dehydration to do a </p>
<p>better job, so that the formation of the wooden door is not easy deformation, cracking, the use of time will be longer. 3, finger joint wood door core is made of the specifications of size and shape by short material solid wood, removing knots, decayed wood defects, the finger joint process are mutually glued together. Solid wood refers to the physical stability of the door than the real wood door is better, the </p>
<p>price is lower. 4, solid wood composite door core with pine, fir or imported fill material, such as adhesion, density board and wood veneer, after high temperature hot pressing, and with solid wood edge. This door as core material, door materials, and different leather materials, the price is a lot of difference, solid wood composite door also, some may be as long as one thousand or so, there could be </p>
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