As lumber importer

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As lumber importer

Postprzez Qizhenbi » czwartek, 18 maja 2017, 05:39

So how are you judged? As lumber importer you treat the stock that receives home, treat the stock that receives abroad, see the start working case that gets foreign plant, want you to cost energy to watch these news only, abroad goes up drop you should be clear about.

So Where is home? Does home go up drop as synchronous as abroad? Either! Home goes up to drop or depend on domestic supply demand relations, although abroad goes up very fast, if domestic stock is too big, shipment rate is slow, so home can drop, home drops to be able to cause importer to take money less, do not take money even,

can affect international supply demand relations secondhand, conversely apparent, domestic shipment is fast, inventory is insufficient, lumber importer can add money of person with power, so international lumber supply demand relations how? Of course the factor that here still has other to want lumber state, because more than China is demand country. "building a screen from wood composite cost,affordable outdoor wpc wall panel,wood plastic composite 2x4 park bench"
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