solid wood floors

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solid wood floors

Postprzez Qizhenbi » czwartek, 18 maja 2017, 11:58

Shanghai people in the renovation of new homes, the real wood floor has a particular love.More than 80 percent of Shanghai families choose solid wood floors to decorate their new homes by the research of the market of the famous strengthening floor enterprises at home and abroad.
The analysis of industry experts, the Shanghai people prefer solid wood flooring for two main reasons, one is that the high-grade solid wood compound floor level is low; The other is that real wood floor is more environmentally friendly, and the composite floor not environmentally friendly.
City building materials industry association floor experts, the floor of the grade can not be based on whether it is solid wood to judge, but also to see the processing level. " wooden decks for round above ground pools , gift permit wood floor sri lanka , composite decking heat forming kit , best a wooden wall panel house "
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