fast-growing forest

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fast-growing forest

Postprzez Qizhenbi » piątek, 19 maja 2017, 03:11

In the past more than ten years, China's afforestation has become increasingly strong, and we have caught up with the last car of the international car that will be overturned by the fast-growing forest.In the previous period, there was such a decision - making theory: to develop fast - growing timber forests in part, and another part of the forest protected it as a"ecological forest".
This kind of strategy is also favored by some people in our country.This is not desirable, Because when a country has put most of its intellectual, human, financial and material resources into the fast-growing doomed to failure when, in fact, has been to ignore the fact that for most of our existence.
It was like a family who had a sick baby that needed to be saved, and lost the energy and financial resources of raising a healthy child.Not to mention that this"partial"is all about the whole. " usa attractive outdoor wall panel , how to install a plastic picket fence , the best material of floor , waterproof outdoor flooring australia "
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